About Us

We are 100% veteran owned and operated since 1986. Our mission is simple: Let you advertise your way:). No adult or pornagraphic ads allowed.

 Adult and/or Pornographic Ads

1A. Accounts that are discovered containing adult or pornagraphic ads will be immediately suspended and the owner contacted.  If during the investigation it is discovered ads (adult or pornagraphic) were made with the "Owner(s)" knowledge and consent the account will be deactivated and permanently deleted and the "Owner(s)" may be subject to ligitation.  However, if the ads were placed in error or without the Owner(s) knowledge and consent, a mandatory 14 day suspension will be activated.  Upon completion of the 14 day suspension, the "Owner(s)" may begin advertising.

Featured Sponsors

1B. In addition to paragraph 1 - Adult and/orPornagraphic Ads, featured sponsors will forfeit the remainder of the contract term without monetary reimbursement.